VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) | Ottawa, ON
Bonnie Schroeder, MSW, RSW, Executive Director, VON Ottawa (Eastern Ontario & Québec), Director Caregiving, VON Canada

“Thanks for the wonderful (Cultural Competency for Employers) training session today! I found the experience both enlightening and fun. I will definitely let me colleagues know about the next ones.”

VON Canada

AltaGas Ltd. | Calgary, AB
Corinne Freeman, Manager Meter Hub and Common Stream Operations, AltaGas Ltd.

“We’ve had the opportunity to mentor such a diverse group of people, and to help them get started in their new life and chosen profession in their new country.”

Quantum | Ottawa, ON
Kim Di Fruscia, Regional Manager Quantum Accounting & Finance Division

“So far we have had an extremely positive experience with the MAPLE 2.0 program. The staff has been very attentive to our needs and the candidate selection has been perfect. The duration of the 12-week mentorship placement is a very helpful and pertinent feature. Unlike some other school internship that are much shorter, a longer program allows us more time to train the intern to do more important and challenging projects; thereby making a win-win situation for both the mentee and the organization. The mentee gets better work experience, and our company also gets better assistance.”


Athabaskan Resource Company Inc. | Calgary, AB
Roland Osske MBA, CHRP, HCS Strategic Resources Officer, Athabaskan Resource Company Inc.,USW Surveys FM Ltd


“MAPLE 2.0 has helped us understand what immigrants bring to the table. Our contact was very helpful and provided us with IEPs who met our skills requirements. As a result, they fulfilled our immediate need for assistance to get through a busy time.”


Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc. | Ottawa, ON
Asiyeh Norouzpour, HR Manager Advanced Coatings Enterprises Inc., (A.C.E.)

“In August 2012, when we asked MAPLE 2.0 for candidates to fill a temporary part-time position, we couldn’t have guessed that the selected candidate would be part of our full-time team in a week. Our managers were so amazed by his performance on the first day, and his knowledge that they decided to offer him a full-time position. We would like to thank the In-TAC (MAPLE 2.0) for introducing us. We really appreciate their prompt and effective replies in all of our correspondences. Our team was very satisfied with all the candidates they introduced and now working for us at A.C.E.”

Schneider Electric | Calgary, AB
Ramya Murthy, Human Resources, North America, Talent Acquisition Team Lead, Schneider Electric


“Our experience with MAPLE project has been fantastic! Our mentees were all outstanding qualified professionals with excellent written and verbal communication skills and business acumen .They have made a lasting impression on our team and clients.”

Schneider Electric

Aeroquest Mapcon Inc. | Vancouver, BC
Marcos Riano, General Manager and Vice President, Aeroquest Mapcon Inc.


“Our experience working with the MAPLE 2.0 clients has been excellent. We have been able to obtain important support for specific projects as we have provided new immigrants with valuable perspective of the work environment in Canada. At the end of the tenure, the clients have obtained a good reference letter and one of them is already working full-time. I believe the MAPLE project is a practical and efficient tool to provide new immigrants with the much needed and requested Canadian experience.

I have recommended the MAPLE project to fellow managers and I will not hesitate to support it again in the future.”


Emily Hua Wang
Former MAPLE mentee, Ottawa.

“Having heard about the MAPLE project, I registered for it. Since then, MAPLE has opened the door for me to work in the engineering field. I really appreciate the opportunity provided to me to gain engineering experience in Canada. MAPLE project is like a bridge connecting me with employers in the engineering field, which helps me a lot on my career path.”

Geetha Nicodemus
Former MAPLE mentee in Calgary.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for placing me as a mentee with Champions Career Centre. Not only is the job I am doing in line with my experience and knowledge, but I am lucky to be working with a team of hardworking and passionate people who are very welcoming and supportive. Lori James, my mentor and supervisor and Lisa Moon, our executive director are such great leaders and motivators and never fail to appreciate my efforts and time. Thank you once again for the right opportunity.”

Alex Torres
Former MAPLE mentee in Vancouver.

“I am writing to thank you for your help given to me through the program MAPLE. I’ve been working at Acuren since one month ago as an Engineer in training. I consider the program very useful as it opened the door for me to gain professional Canadian experience when I was placed at Via Rail as a Maintenance Engineer. In four years’ time, I hope to be able to register with the Engineer Board as a professional engineer, according to the plan proposed by my current company.”